Yoga Classes

Our yoga studio is an openhearted community,
not an elite club.

All are welcome here.  All belong.

Whether you’re brand new to yoga or have been practicing for many years, our classes will challenge and empower you to live your best life.

Adult Yoga Classes

Inner Beginner:

New to yoga? This 6-week class series is for you! Learn how to move safely through basic Vinyasa Yoga poses. Pre-registration is required for this class series.

Inner Flow:

This Vinyasa Yoga class links breath to movement, creating a dynamic and powerful practice for all levels that improves breath, builds concentration, and challenges strength and flexibility. This class is safe and educational for the novice yogi and also fun and challenging for the experienced yogi. This class flows at an intermediate pace. Students with no yoga experience are encouraged to start with our Inner Beginner 6-week series.

Inner Calm:

This slower-paced yoga class helps you calm down using breath, movement, stretching, and restful postures to restore the body and mind. All levels welcome.

Inner Vibe:

Enjoy a beginning/intermediate-level fun yoga class set to upbeat, contemporary music. Join us for tea or kombucha after class! All levels welcome. Pre-registration is required for this class.

Awaken Power:

This challenging class pairs mindful breathing with a series of poses that work the connection between body and mind. A consistent practice builds strength, range of motion, and balance, and creates a relaxed body and calm mind. Class pace is more intense than Inner Flow. Yoga experience or physical fitness recommended.

Sitting on yoga mat

Kid’s Yoga Classes

Inner Child (3-5 years):

This 6-week series playful class is a wonderful way for kids to release energy as they experience yoga poses and breath work, learn about the benefits of staying healthy, and strengthen their bodies and coordination. Class size is limited.
Pre-registration is required for this class series. Cost: $42 Drop In: $8

Vibrant Child (6-8 years):

This 6-week series inspiring class explores yoga poses, flowing sequences, breathing exercises, and creative relaxation techniques to help children deepen their sense of body awareness, improve strength, flexibility, coordination, and promote concentration and self-confidence. Class size is limited.
Pre-registration is required for this class series. Cost: $48 Drop In: $9

Awaken Child (9-12 years):

This is a 6-week series class. Pre-teens will learn yoga by using practical life concepts to help find balance, create strength and flexibility, and expand on self-awareness. The goal is to help pre-teens carry their yoga experience off the mat and into their personal lives. This class will introduce more challenging and flowing sequences while incorporating breath work and mindfulness. Class size is limited.
Pre-registration is required for this class series. Cost $54 Drop In: $10