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Rachel Androli 10/25/2017

How has massage impacted your life?

Without massage therapy, I would not be able to function without pain due to chronic neck pain. If I don't come monthly, I get migraines that are extremely painful. Massage therapy helps decrease my stress and relieve pain in my neck and shoulders.

Additional notes/comments:

Linda is an amazing massage therapist. She is able to provide deep therapeutic relief for my neck pain! Thank you!

Joyce Brown 10/30/2017

How has massage impacted your life?

Having a massage is more than manipulation of muscles, though that is a significant part. I find having a massage every couple of weeks helps my entire being stay in balance. This includes physical, mental, emotional and spiritual components.

The regularity helps prevent acute problems and when I do have injuries (and I have had a few over the years), it speeds up the healing and recovery time. It also helps lessen the pain level. 

I also find the time with the therapist enriching and fulfilling.