About Our Founder

About Our Founder

"We were born to live life to our fullest potential, free of chronic illness and disease.
We are here to be vibrant, healthy contributors to our world."

- Tracy Jevning, Founder of Awaken Vibrance

Picture of Tracy Jevning

Tracy Jevning was not just the founder of Awaken Vibrance—she was our fearless leader and cherished friend. She passed away in September, 2017 but leaves behind a legacy of heart-centered service that continues to impact our community.

She founded Awaken Vibrance in November 2015 to help others like you reclaim your health and well-being in body, mind, and spirit. She believed that making positive changes towards optimal health was the key to living a vibrant life—which is something we all deserve.

Tracy lived vibrantly. She was a visionary with a million dollar smile and an amazing sense of humor. Not one to play small, Tracy always went for her dreams in a big way. She played “all out” and inspired those around her to give it their all too. Whether it was personal or professional, everything she did was with her whole heart.

She was deeply passionate about helping others and serving her community. When she saw an unmet need that she could help solve, she took the initiative to make a difference. Her drive and entrepreneurial spirit led her to open not only Awaken Vibrance, but also The Daily Grind Espresso Shop and ICAN, a residential provider for individuals with disabilities.

She was a woman on a mission, a trailblazer, a believer in seeing the good in everyone.

She believed in YOU. She believed in slowing down and creating a better quality of life for yourself. Because you deserve it. And you are worth it. She would say that NOW is the time to start taking care of YOU.

Here's to awakening your own vibrance,

Tracy Jevning signatureTracy Jevning, Founder of Awaken Vibrance