About Awaken Vibrance

You deserve to look, feel, and BE your very best every single day

Yes, you!

You are reading this because a part of you knows there is more to life than what you’re currently experiencing:

A body out of balance, run down by stress, fatigue, anxiety, extra weight, poor digestion, moodiness…

A mind that won’t quiet down, endlessly looping what has to get done today, tomorrow, next week…

A spirit that’s unable to connect with the things you love because it’s smothered by thoughts of there’s not enough time!…

Take a deep breath…It’s time to slow down and create a better quality of life for yourself. You deserve it. And YOU ARE WORTH IT.

You know it’s time to finally start taking care of YOU.

Even if:

  • it took you a while to admit that you desperately need some me time
  • you feel a bit embarrassed by how long you’ve neglected yourself, or
  • you’re unsure or scared of what comes next

Know this:
What matters most — in this moment, right here, right now — is that you’re open and ready to embrace a new way of being.

Awaken Vibrance, a holistic health center in Waseca, MN, was founded to help people just like YOU find joy in living a bright and vibrant life by reclaiming your health and well-being.

Join our VIBRANT community. We’d love to have you, exactly as you are!

Here’s to awakening your own vibrance,


Tracy Jevning, Founder of Awaken Vibrance

It’s time to take care of YOU.

Let us help you reconnect with your vibrant self.

Get more out of life. Decide to reclaim your health and well-being.